Who Reads This?

There’s more to life than being a mom. Not much, but enough to keep me up additional hours.

Things are good, beautiful even. But, my mind wanders you know? My pants were tight today. I need to edit my syllabus. Hand in my roster. Shit is laundry still in the dryer? The little boy who sits next to my daughter  doesn’t have a coat and my daughter has five…I would like to have sex with my husband, not at  this moment but at some point again this month. What kind of cat food is the best cat food, wet or dry? Why are the Olympics in Russia? what is up with Venezuela? Can I really pull off a Georgia O’Keefe lecture in spanish? I have to plan my mom’s birthday, shit it’s my mom’s birthday, shit my mom  is turning 70… I have my country’s 500th anniversary to plan, my wife to murder and Guilder to blame for it- I’m swamped! Well, that last part always comes to mind when my thoughts race. But you get the picture. I curse my kids for not being able to fall asleep without a fight, for them having fitful sleep. But is it any wonder? All the sleep training in the world, all the scheduling, all that means jack. If there is a thought to be had or a feeling to be felt, chances are that it happens between the hours of 8pm to 2 am in my house. So I put it to go use. Enjoy.


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